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This is a flash from the past. We believe it is a better modern multiple vitamin because it has a really high “B” complex that is time released, that gives many of our customers tremendous energy. Selling bonus is that it has 1000 IU of vitamin D, also a great price for this type of product. Compare to Natures Plus Ultra 1. Does not contain any stimulants.

The high B complex is an incredible feature of this product. You can have your “multi” and B complex in the same product.

People who are deficient in folic acid B6 and B12 have high homocysteine levels, which is an inflammation marker heart disease. This multi addresses this issue.

B Complex helps depression, and anxiety. It can help the skin and help digestion. “The One” contains 1000 IUs of D3, 300 mg of vitamin C, and 25,000 of vitamin A from Beta Carotene. Many of our customers have claimed they almost never get sick while taking “The One”.

There is a full mineral complex in “The One”. A key nutrient in this formulation is selenium. Selenium is thought to have a significant benefit to those with cancer, heart disease and thyroid disorders. Also, the iron in “The One” prevents anemia. Iron is involved in the manufacturing of energy in the body and focus in the brain. Because it is a natural iron, it is easy to digest. Both men and women can take is product. Zinc is the prostate mineral. It has other properties for wound health or prevention of the common cold.

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