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• Stress Relief can be used throughout the day when life is getting hectic, up to five times a day.

• This is an excellent remedy to use in combination with other Foundational Remedy, Emotional Detox. Emotional Detox can release a lot of deep-seated stress while you sleep. Stress Relief then helps integrate and soothe after a night of Emotional Detox.

• Perfect for people who are “frazzled” and want to try something but have no specific complaint.

• Like all of our products, Stress Relief can be used long term with no ill effects. In fact, it works progressively and cumulatively to clear stress from every nook and cranny. Because of its general nature, Stress Relief can truly be used for all kinds of stress. However, targeted remedies yield quicker results in more specific ways.

• Many times as we return to balance, we forget how out of balance we were. It is often our friends, family, coworkers and those around us who notice that we’re not as stressed, anxious and reactive as we used to be. They are often the first recipients of greater clarity, peace of mind and general ease in life.

Temporarily relieves symptoms of:

• Occasional anxiety

• Restlessness

• Irritability

• Forgetfulness

• Inability to think clearly

• Impatience

Indications are based on homeopathic materia medica, not clinical tests.

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