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Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins and Supplements : You Have 3 Choices:

1. Find a good vitamin supplement store or Health food store that carries natural products. Make sure the employees know their products and can help you with their experiences and knowledge.

2: Use a website that uses natural products. You can call us at 805-583-3628 or reach out to us at our website and your will get the same experience as going to the health food store.

3: Buying your supplements in the mass market you might not get the results you are after.

There are dozens of good companies that make excellent products some of those are: Bluebonnet Nutrition, Natures Concept, Now Foods, Bio Nutrition, Michaels Naturopathic Programs, Myogenics. A couple of companies that we don’t carry but like very much are Natures Plus, Country Life.

Which Vitamin Supplement Store Form Should You Choose?

Nutritional and restorative supplements come in many forms, such as pills, liquids, or powders. Which form you choose depends on how they work in your body and how you want to take them. For example, some work main in a dry concentrate structure, such as a case or pill. Others work faster and are more persuasive as a liquid. Inquire if you are confused about the right structure to take.

Certain enhancements come in pills since they stop working, or become risky on the off chance that they interact with the corrosive in your stomach. Certain individuals need to take a liquid if they have difficulty retaining the nutrients from a pill, or if it is difficult for them to swallow containers or tablets.


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